At Premier Osteo, we have handpicked the best of the practitioner only products for you. We look for the best quality product that is formulated in such a way to be the most effective for you. Premier Osteo's Osteopaths and Functional Medicine practitioners are trained to know how to best prescribe these products safely for your use.  Practitioner only supplements means that they are controlled and regulated, they are what they say they are and they are all scientifically researched. Due to this, you must see a practitioner to be prescribed supplements for your specific individualised case.


The whole concept of a “practitioner-only” dietary supplement is founded on a core set of propositions:

  1. The products are made with the highest quality raw materials under pharma-grade standards;

  2. They contain higher levels of active ingredients and/or unique combinations not available in consumer retail brands;

  3. They are more consistent, reliable, and effective than those available in retail; and

  4. Optimal outcomes occur when the products are used under guidance by trained and licensed health professionals.

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Like doctor or pharmacist prescribed medicines, these products are not to be used by people other than the client for who they are prescribed for. While they may provide symptomatic relief, this may be masking a more serious health issue, ultimately delaying more appropriate treatment. While natural medicines appear safe, many have potential adverse reactions when taken inappropriately or interactions with other medications. Would you share your doctor’s prescriptions with friends and family? For this reason all of our products are only dispensed alongside full consultations with our practitioners. 
If you would like to know more about a product or our range talk to one of our friendly team.  Tonia is offering a free initial 15 minute phone consultations to make sure you or your family are taking what is right for you! 


Please call Liz on reception to book your free supplement consultation today

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