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Awesome team, more than just a temporary fix. They care about long term results.
— Matt Mckoy Google Review

Tonia Peachey Osteopath & Functional Medicine Practitioner

Owner & Director of Premier Osteo, Special interest in I.B.S, Gut Conditions, Allergies & Chronic Pain

“…Tonia asked in-depth questions and got my whole history - she wanted to know everything, and I could tell she was looking for links between all my symptoms - something no-one else had ever done. She educated me about the link between long-term stress and the effect this was having on my whole being. Through her help and guidance I have changed my diet and now take supplements I was badly lacking in… Tonia not only treated my symptoms, but looked further to find the underlying causes - no doctor has ever done this for me - and then supported each aspect of my health to bring me back into balance and wellbeing. I am eternally grateful for her help, as it has turned my life around, and has enabled me to continue my dream of completing a degree and pursuing my life dreams which I never thought I would be able to accomplish.” - Jill Parsonson Google Review


Tonia Peachey is the principal Osteopath and Director of Premier Osteo.  Since becoming an Osteopath Tonia has realised that there are a significant number of people that are suffering with long term chronic pain and diseases. Unfortunately, these people tend to fall outside of our current acute-care medical model and are being told "there is nothing we can do you just have to live with this."  Tonia believes strongly that this is not true.  She has furthered her training by studying Functional Medicine. This addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. As a Functional Medicine Practitioner she spends the time with her patients, listening to their histories and looking at the interactions among injuries, genetics, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex, chronic pain and disease.

Tonia specialises in treating sport injuries, chronic long term pain and she excels at treating patients with complex injuries and medical conditions.  She combines her Osteopathic and Functional Medicine skills with exercise prescription to provide an exceptional hands on experience for all of her patients.  She understands that everyone is an individual and will always listen to you and explain what is causing your problems.  She will give you a detailed lifestyle, exercise, nutritional, sleep and stress management plan to help to improve all of your conditions and send you on an upward spiral to good health.

Tonia has a passion for helping people.  She decided to retrain at Unitec and become an Osteopath, after working in the Sport and Fitness industry for many years.  In such roles as: National Development Director for New Zealand Water Polo; Senior Sport Development Officer at the Hong Kong Football Club; and International Rehabilitation Personal Trainer.  

As a teenager Tonia represented New Zealand in water polo and held various New Zealand swimming records. Currently she loves to be in the outdoors kayaking, mountain biking and hiking with her partner Kurt and dog Jasper.


Vincent Reyland Osteopath

Special Interest in All Athletes particularly Rugby (Union & League), Soccer, Baseball and Softball

“…Osteo and Physio were excellent and targeted the issue very quickly. I note that the treatments were very responsive to my actual needs. I am very happy with excellent results. Very friendly and professional service.” - Erich Waldmann Google Review

  • ACC Registered Practitioner of Osteopathy

From a young age Vinny was a hands on kind of kid. He knew he wanted to work with people and was drawn to osteopathy through his own injuries across the years playing sports such as soccer, rugby, softball and baseball. The moment he settled on the idea of becoming an  osteopath was when he had the opportunity to observe the practice first hand. He was taken back at how treatment focussed on the body as a unit, as opposed to simply treating the area of complaint. 

A big moment came when he tore his ACL. Luckily, no surgery was required and conservative management was recommended. This helped to develop a first hand experience of what it was like to be the patient. He believes that this has helped to add depth to his knowledge of rehabilitation, both mentally and physically. He finds prehabilitation to be very important to prevent major injuries occurring, or in the case of injury, has found that setting achievable goals paramount to achieving higher levels of both health and functionality. 

Vinny grew up in West Auckland and completed his studies at Unitec. He gained a lot of experience with his first placement in Bathurst, New South Wales, where he was in the only Osteopathic clinic within a 60km radius. This made him the primary port of call for a wide spectrum of patients, ranging from elderly farmers to child gymnasts.

Vinny returned due to missing family, friends and the beautiful beaches of New Zealand. On his weekends, Vinny will likely be found playing Rugby, Baseball or relaxing on a west coast beach. 


Edward Healey Osteopath

Special Interest in Sports Injuries, Weight Lifting and Nutrition

“I learned a lot about my body - some issues with my body that I had never noticed. Edward does a great job in informing me and also physically applying his Osteo techniques to remove pain and release tension.” - Bruno Gentile Google Review


Ed is very passionate about Osteopathy and marvels at its’ ability to help people from all walks of life. His interest rapidly grew during his lifetime treatment from birth and he quickly became fascinated by an osteopaths’ ability to understand and heal the human body using their brain and hands.  
Ed originally wanted to be an engineer but at the age of 15 transferred that mindset over to osteopathy which then became his dream. His interest has been compounded by involvement in contact sports; that being Rugby at a regional level and martial arts including Judo, Jujitsu, Krav Maga and Wing Tsun Kung Fu.  
He enjoys treating a wide range of problems with the view of achieving optimal health of the patient, not only through treatment but also by informing with current knowledge. During his time treating patients in England he found using a range of techniques with a treatment plan specifically tailored for each individual the best approach. 
Currently he has a personal interest in weightlifting and nutrition. Previously he has had an enlightening experience after falling quite ill during his late teens and early twenties with chronic fatigue and gut issues. Alongside regular osteopathy he learnt about the effects of corrective nutrition and psychological impact of ones’ mindset to heal the body. He used this knowledge and utilised it to adapt his body for better holistic health. After this he went through a body transformation shedding extra weight used for Rugby and from being ill going to a healthy 85kg from 119kg. He thoroughly enjoys expanding his knowledge of both nutrition and psychology. In his spare time away from Osteopathy and studying; Ed can be found at the gym, outdoor walks with friends, reading or gaming.   


Loli Moyo Osteopath

Special Interest in Headaches 

"I’ve had a bad back for years. Just seem to strain it when twisting or bending over. Eventually I couldn’t put up with it and was suggested by my GP to see an osteopath. Premier is only 300 metres from my office so I thought I’d give them a try. 
My osteopath is Loli. What a wonderful warm and thoughtful young lady. First things first....she can she treat you without knowing your problem?  We then started on a course of treatments and have been going weekly now for 5 weeks.  My back is significantly better....not cured yet....but much better. An exercise routine between visits are a must....and these work. Got a few more visits to go.... a visit always worth looking forwards to. Thank you Loli..... a great help." -
 David Harley Google Review


Loli believes that Osteopathy is for everyone and is happiest treating a wide range of patients from different walks and stages of life. She enjoys treating using a broad range of techniques that best suit the patient’s needs and preferences with associated self-care help. Her treatment plans emphasize partnership with the patient to come up with the most effective plan for optimal results, while empowering patients to better understand and appreciate how their bodies function.

Loli’s dance background, interest in how the human body functions and passion for helping other people led her to a career in Osteopathy. She was a dancer for 15 years, progressing to a high level in Classical Ballet; and also studied many other genres. She stopped dancing to pursue a career in Osteopathy and thanks to her dancing background enjoys encouraging patients to be more aware of their bodies and their general well-being.

Loli gained valuable experience working in a specialist Headache Clinic during her time treating patients in England, hence sparking her interest in treating individuals who suffer from different types of headache. Headaches can be very debilitating and can drastically affect a person’s everyday life. Osteopathic treatment can help make positive changes in the frequency, intensity and duration of headaches, which in most cases significantly improves an individual’s quality of life. 

Loli’s hobbies include singing, attending dance classes and going to the gym. Having grown up in Zimbabwe, studied in England and now working in New Zealand, she enjoys meeting new people from different backgrounds and walks of life. 


William Pearson Osteopath 

Special Interest in Paediatric Osteopathy

"Premier Osteopaths is a premier company, from the minute you walk in you feel welcome. William Pearson, who I see on a regular basis is I like no other osteo or physio I’ve seen, very caring about patient rehabilitation and listens to the patient to pinpoint exactly where and what the problems could be.  Friendly clinic, would recommend anyone to come here and give it a go if they need a great Osteopath!" - Steven Mills Google Review


William strongly believes that examination and testing is key to finding out exactly what your problem is.  This allows him to accurately diagnose and treat your issues giving you positive and timely treatment outcomes.   This allows him to shape your individual type of treatment to suit your specific complaints. 

William uses a wide range of treatments to cater for everyone. His Sports Therapy Degree and Masters of Osteopathy gives him a wide spectrum of hands on functional, cranial and structural types of treatment options.  He can use a firm structural style of osteopathic treatment for your sports injuries and then he will use the most gentlest of touches with functional and cranial osteopathy to influence your baby. 

William specialises in treating babies and children.  During his time treating patients in England, William specially worked in a Paediatric Osteopathy Clinic gaining valuable experience in this specialist area.  William is continually training in paediatrics completing courses on ‘osteopathic treatment through pregnancy, birth and postpartum' and an 'osteopathic approach in the treatment of babies and children'. He is continually developing and gaining very valuable knowledge and experience in paediatric osteopathy.

William started his journey into the healthcare industry with a Sports Therapy Degree from the United Kingdom, which allowed him to work for a number of professional sports clubs. His energy was focused on rehab, injury prevention, taping and manual therapy work.  His passion for treating the human body lead him to study a Masters of Osteopathy at the European School of Osteopathy in England (ESO).
William excels at treating sports injuries. He has played both tennis and rugby at representative levels in England, and more recently started triathlons, so he understand the demands of being an athlete.

William is a well rounded osteopath and enjoys working with individuals from all walks of life. Whether it is an older individual wanting more movement and better strength, to an office worker or manual worker seeking treatment. William tailors his treatment to suit the individuality of the person.

Liz Scott Receptionist 

"If I could give more stars I would. The care and concern that this whole team showed me and my family (despite us not even being existing clients) truly moves me and I'll be forever grateful... Steve quickly established this was not an osteo issue and he and Liz arranged an ASAP doctor appointment with my standard GP. The team allowed myself and my family to take up one of their consulting rooms for a couple of hours so I could lie down (the only position I was pain free) while I waited to go to the GP (who later sent me to hospital - so not an issue they could have fixed).
The care and genuine concern the team showed me is so kind and I would highly highly recommend." -
Lauren & Andre Cressy Google Review


Liz is our amazing receptionist who makes sure you are always warmly welcomed to the clinic from first time or returning patients. She understands the needs of people who may be in pain. From clarifying any information you may be uncertain about, to helping you with any forms that may need to be filled in, to rebooking your future appointments and sending information to you about what the Practitioners have discussed, she will go out of her way to simplify the process.  

If you need to see a Specialist she will guide you through this process and book any appointments that are needed.  Liz is always approachable and helpful with any questions patients may have.  

Liz loves meeting new people in and out of the Clinic, enjoying time with family and friends, and playing golf.

“BEST OSTEO CLINIC! Walking into this osteo you are greeted by the lovely receptionist Liz, who always has a smile on her face and is so kind. Some say Liz could even brighten up the grinch's day 😆…” Ryan Williams Google Review

If you are unsure of who you should see then please give Liz a call  09 444 3231 

She will match your condition to the right practitioner.