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We took our daughter to see William Pearson @ Premier Osteo as she had some issues with her neck after birth. William is an amazing Paediatric Osteopath that her neck was heaps better even after the first session; it only improved with each visit.
He was lovely, friendly & professional to us & our daughter; will definitely be returning to him if we need an osteo again!
— Suzanne Dowman Google Review
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Meet Our Premier Baby Osteopath William Pearson

William specialises in treating babies and children.  During his time treating patients in England, William worked in a Specialist Paediatric Osteopathy Clinic gaining valuable experience and expertise in this area.  William is continually training in paediatrics completing courses on ‘osteopathic treatment through pregnancy, birth and postpartum' and an 'osteopathic approach in the treatment of babies and children'. He is continually developing and gaining very valuable knowledge and experience in paediatric osteopathy.

“Within weeks I was seeing results from my son's treatment with William at Premier Osteo. William is extremely patient and knowledgeable and is wonderful with small children (my son is 18 months old). Highly recommended.”

- Leigh Franklin Google Review

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Conditions that Premier Osteo For Babies Can Help With 

A crying baby is a significant problem for parents and siblings.  It is implicated as one of the causes of postnatal depression, sleep deprivation and stress. There are many reasons why babies cry and often we can help you with this at Premier Osteo.


Baby Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (G.O.R.D.)

G.O.R.D. has a variety of symptoms such as: crying, difficulty sleeping, arching backwards, unhappy on their backs, vomiting, windy, difficult to burp, swallowing motions when crying, and blowing bubbles.  

Babies with mild G.O.R.D. can respond well to osteopathic treatment and significant improvement can be achieved. However, most babies with marked reflux will be prescribed medication.   If your baby is on medication but still has symptoms then osteopathy may help to gain further improvements. Additionally, different formulas and if breastfeeding, foods eaten by the mother may need to be modified.

Baby Sleep Issues

It is important to try to establish good sleep routines as early as possible. Osteopathy can help to establish the cause as to why the baby is not able to sleep and then in many cases assist the baby to learn how to go to sleep. Usually this will be a result of helping the baby to relax or by relieving the symptoms of colic or reflux that is keeping them awake.



Baby Birth Trauma, Head Position & Misshapen Heads

A baby’s skull is designed to allow descent though the birth canal.  The head usually resumes a more normal shape within 24 hours.  However, if this does not happen and the baby’s head will retain some compression forces that can manifest in symptoms such as colic, sleep difficulties, early developmental problems and lack of head control. 

It is important to seek treatment as soon as the misshapen head is noticed as treatment started months after is not as successful and take longer to achieve result

Baby Colic & Constipation

Colic occurs in both breast and bottle fed babies. Colic can be caused by lactose intolerance so avoiding dairy products in the mother’s diet or using a low lactose formula. However, it can also be caused by the stresses involved in delivery, which may be sensitizing the baby’s nervous system and thus affecting the gut. Additionally, this also makes it difficult for the baby to relax enough to pass wind which is causing the gut distension and pain.  Premier Osteopathic treatment helps to remove the stresses and tension in the baby’s body.

Additionally, many babies suffer with constipation.  They will strain excessively with crying while trying to pass a bowel motion or pass wind. This is not normal and occurs in breast fed or formula fed babies equally. Osteopathic treatment will help to relax the pelvic diaphragm and coordinate the gut functioning to assist the baby with bowel movement



Baby Development Delay

Most babies develop along predictable pathways and reach milestones at similar times. Premier Osteopaths are trained to know when milestones should be reached and in many cases can assist the baby’s development if these milestones are delayed. Examples of this may be a baby unable to hold its head up or not putting its feet down when being held upright. Often these delays are simple mechanical strains in the baby’s body e.g. not being able to lift its head due to a strain in its neck causing a muscle imbalance. Once these strains are removed the baby’s development will continue normally.

In the situation where there is some damage to the child's nervous system e.g. cerebral palsy, osteopathy can still play a role by helping contracted muscles to relax.

Baby Ear Infections 

For children between 6 month to 4 years of age one of the most common reasons to consult an Osteopath is for chronic ear infections or glue ear. A major cause of ear infections in children is being given a bottle of milk or formula while lying down. The milk can collect in the eustation tubes (ducts from the middle ear to the back of the throat) and become infected. If you find that your child is in a cycle of ear infections and antibiotics being prescribed, then Premier Osteopathy may help to break this pattern by ensuring that mechanical obstructions to the drainage of the eustation tubes are relieved. 



Breast Feeding Issues

Our Premier Osteopaths are not trained lactation consultants but can be useful when there is a feeding issue. Often the baby is unable to latch if they have a tongue or jaw dysfunction. This can make it uncomfortable for the baby to suck or they may tire quickly. Treatment to restore normal jaw and face function can assist feeding.

Baby With Over Sensitized Nervous Systems 

Does your baby tend to startle easily at any loud noise, be hyper-vigilant and have difficulty going to sleep? Does your baby seem to never ‘relax’?

For some babies difficulties or stress in the pregnancy or the labour may affect the baby’s neuro-hormonal development.  Osteopathic Treatment is aimed at calming their stressed nervous systems. This will often then help the baby to relax, sleep better and help towards relieving any colic symptoms they may have.


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