Safe and Gentle Treatment of Pregnancy Issues at Premier Osteo

“I am 23 weeks pregnant and was struggling with pelvic pains, had 2 consultations with Lolitaire, she was excellent. Would highly recommend these guys for pains in pregnancy.”
— Christelle Ramundo Google Review

Pregnancy is a special time for women and their partners.  If you are planning on a child, consider having your body assessed at Premier Osteo as they can help prepare your body for this time. Many mothers find pregnancy can be fraught with pain and discomforts.  They are told that there is nothing that they can do about it.  If you are already pregnant and uncomfortable, we can use gentle SAFE treatments, which may ease your pain and improve your health.

Your back pain often relates to existing back problems, sciatic pain or strains from past accidents or traumas. As the pregnancy develops, it may be more difficult for you to accommodate to the changes resulting in increasing discomfort and pain.

Pregnancy is a time when you want your body to function at an optimum level so that you are comfortable, your baby is healthy and your delivery is as uncomplicated as possible. This is where Premier Osteo can help you.

I had never heard of osteopathy in pregnancy, I was seen by Lolitaire, I am pain free and can enjoy the rest of my pregnancy, thank you so much
— Christelle Hirano Ramundo Facebook Review

How Premier Osteo & Wellness Clinic Can Help You During Pregnancy

It is important that you can breathe properly, that your body can accommodate the change in posture that occurs as your baby develops and that your pelvis and spine are in their optimal functioning state.

Our gentle hands-on procedures aim to relax your aching muscles, maximise joint function, remove any obstruction to normal fluid flow, ensure balance within your body and prevent and ease conditions such as leg swelling.

Pregnancy massage helps at a very special time in a woman’s life. It can help to reduce the bodies aches and pains associated with pregnancy such as tired feet, back pain, headaches and shoulder tension. It also assists in decreasing your chances of stretch marks. Some women can experience severe back pain, which can be assessed by our experienced Premier Therapists and treat or referred as necessary.

pregnancy pain osteopathy treatment

At Premier Osteo Health & Wellness Clinic we provide a safe and effective treatment for you and your baby at all stages of your pregnancy. 

Give us a call to today 09 444 3231 so we can help you through your pregnancy. 

Tonia and Naomi have magic hands! I’ll always come away from my appointments feeling amazing. I’ve come to Premier for two of my pregnancies and received amazing results. Highly recommend
— Jessica Ellen Price Facebook Review


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