Are you not getting better no matter what you try?

Premier Osteopaths provide holistic whole body treatments for effective pain relief. We are located in Glenfield on Auckland's North Shore. Our Osteopaths are highly qualified, have a wealth of experience and understand that there are many systems that influence how your body functions. Our Specialist Osteopaths not only provide symptomatic relief, but also address the underlying causes of your condition, as well as preventing any further re-occurrence by treating the whole body (holistically).

For example, to treat an injured knee your Osteopath will address the biomechanics of the ankle, knee, hip, pelvis and back, as these are all affected with a knee injury, as well as understand any underlying medical conditions that may be affecting your recovery.

We will always take the time to listen to you to understand what is happening!  We  make sure to explain what is going on in your body so that you know what the diagnosis is, how long it will take to get better, how we can help you, and how you can help yourself.It all started when…

Such a great experience with Premier Osteo. A very friendly and accommodating team from the moment I called to make the booking...
— Stephanie Rae Google Review

Meet Our Premier Osteopaths


Tonia Peachey

Owner, Director, Osteopath & Functional Medicine Practitioner

Special Interest in Complex Injuries and illnesses, Chronic Pain, Autoimmune and Gut Conditions

"I couldn't thank you and your team enough for everything you have done to help me Tonia. When I came to see you with my hip pain, I honestly thought it was an irreparable problem, but with every treatment, I noticed improvement until I was finally pain free. A miracle worker are the words that spring to mind when I think of your treatment..." - Leanne James Localist Review

"I have experienced a number of injuries over the past 10 years which have impaired my ability to train consistently and enjoy an active lifestyle. By having regular treatments with Tonia, the management of these injuries has greatly improved along with the consistency of my training. I have no hesitation in recommending Tonia and the rest of the team at Premier Osteo." - Darrell Bonetti Google Review


Vincent Reyland


Special Interest in All Athletes particularly rugby (union & league), soccer, baseball and softball

“I had accepted lower back pain as normal and suffered to various degrees over the years. I really hurt my back a few months ago, and by pure chance found their practice through a Google search. But what a find! The Premier Osteo team have been fantastic and I wake up most days with absolutely no back pain now. To me, the change has been nothing short of miraculous. I can't recommend them highly enough.” - Peter Locke Google Review

“ Excellent service. Very professional and would definitely recommend to others” - Joshua Flores Google Review

Edward Healey

Special Interest in Sports Injuries, Weight Lifting and Nutrition 

“As someone who has suffered from neck and back pain for many years, I decided to finally get something done. After doing a bit of research and a strong recommendation I decided that I would book an appointment with Edward, After one session, we had gone over my whole medical background and Edward knew exactly how to treat me. Needless to say I am three appointments in to my treatment with Edward and I am walking around looser and lighter than I have in a good, 6 years. It is an absolute pleasure going to Premier Osteo to see him, and I would recommend anyone suffering from pain, restriction or discomfort to give them call and book that first appointment!!” - Troy Robertson Google Review

“I learned a lot about my body - some issues with my body that I had never noticed. Edward does a great job in informing me and also physically applying his Osteo techniques to remove pain and release tension.” - Bruno Gentile Google Review


Loli Moyo

Special Interest in Headaches 

"I was lucky enough to be treated by Loli, and I would definitely recommend it! She is a great listener and treatment helped me greatly to recover." - Marie Lombard Google Review

"I’ve had a bad back for years. Just seem to strain it when twisting or bending over. Eventually I couldn’t put up with it and was suggested by my GP to see an osteopath. Premier is only 300 metres from my office so I thought I’d give them a try.
My osteopath is Loli. What a wonderful warm and thoughtful young lady. First things first....she can she treat you without knowing your problem? We then started on a course of treatments and have been going weekly now for 5 weeks. My back is significantly better....not cured yet....but much better. An exercise routine between visits are a must....and these work. Got a few more visits to go.... a visit always worth looking forwards to. Thank you Loli..... a great help. " - David Harley Google Review


William Pearson

Special Interest in Paediatrics

“I totally recommend Premier Osteo for all your needs. I’ve just had back surgery, and my Osteopath William has help me so much with his work and advice. Other Osteopaths there have helped my niece when she was playing netball. The strength in her foot and ankle were restored within a couple of months and she was back playing netball before the season finished. They are an easy team to communicate with and nothing, absolutely nothing is too much trouble. Totally go to Premier Osteo!!” - Stevie Golding Facebook Review

“I made an appointment for my 3 month old son to see William, he was suffering with terrible wind and reflux. After three treatments he had improved significantly, I couldn’t believe it! William’s mannerism with my baby was fantastic, he was extremely patient. His knowledge and passion for paediatric osteopathy is evident from the get go. Couldn’t recommend William at Premier Osteo highly enough!” - Lauren Ankers Google Review


Kate Ramage 

Osteopath & Clinical Pilates Instructor
Special Interest in Runners & Disc Injuries 

"Highly Recommended. After 18 mths of pain & frustration dealing with physios and doctors, I found Kate Ramage who took on my frozen shoulder and slowly but surely managed to unfreeze it. Sheer brilliance!" - Tony Price Google Review

"Highly skilled team with a robust understanding of blending their extensive knowledge/ skills and your individual requirements. They consistently provide advice, rehabilitation and plans that are mindful of lifestyle. Clinical Pilates sessions are tremendously beneficial and enjoyable. As professionals, they are also responsive, organised and thorough." - Simone C Google Review


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