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...every profession has qualified people in it, but not every qualified professional is great at their profession. I absolutely believe Tonia not only has fantastic combined qualifications for what she does, she also has genuine natural talent at it; clearly this is beyond what training and qualifications can offer! Thanks so much for your help!
— Paul Cook - Finda Review

Is Premier Functional Medicine What You Need?

  • Have you seen many practitioners and not getting anywhere?

  • Have you been told it is all in you head?

  • Do you suffer from many unexplained symptoms and seem to worsening no matter what you try?

  • Are you exhausted all the time and suffer with brain fog?

  • Do you suffer with many gut issues?

  • Do you ache all over or your pain changes location frequently in your body?

Functional Medicine osteopathy auckland

If you answers yes to any of these then Functional Medicine is definitely for you!


Our functional medicine specialist Tonia Peachey, combines her Osteopathic, Functional and Integrative medicine training to address the underlying causes of your injuries, diseases, illnesses and pain. 

Premier Functional Medicine deals with the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. We spend time with our patients, listening to your entire case and medical history. We examine interactions between your history, nutrition, genetics, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex, chronic disease. In this way, our Functional Medicine practitioner can support your unique expression of health and vitality and treat you holistically as an individual.

How We Treat

After gathering all of the important information and performing all of the necessary testing we will give you a comprehensive plan to help you modify your lifestyle and achieve all of your health goals.  Common areas that we address are:

  • Identifying if there are any foods in your diet that are increase the inflammation in your system and modifying your eating habits.

  • Helping you to create a work life balance that works for you!

  • Develop an exercise regime that you can tolerate and achieve.

  • Understand what stresses you have in your life and give you tools to help deal with them.

  • Identify any issues you are having with sleep and help you to modify these.

  • Hands on treatment to fix any structural issues that may be hindering your recovery.

  • Teach you relaxation techniques and remind you what fun is!

  • Supplement your system if it is needed so that you can start to digest and absorb your food, balance your hormones, have normal bowel motions and regain your energy.

  • Understand and help you to minimise any toxin and environmental exposures.

  • And much, much more....


Meet Your Premier Functional Medicine Practitioner Tonia Peachey

Since becoming an Osteopath Tonia has realised that there are a significant number of people that are suffering with long term chronic pain and diseases. Unfortunately, these people tend to fall outside of our current acute-care medical model and are being told "there is nothing we can do you just have to live with this."  Tonia believes strongly that this is not true and with lifestyle and nutritional changes most people can improve their overall health and well being.


Jill Parsonson Google Review
"I saw Tonia in December 2016. I came because of ongoing physical and psychological problems that no-one seemed to properly address. I had experienced body pain (especially back, neck and head) and tiredness, depression, anxiety and, increasingly un-wellness that was impacting my whole life. Tonia asked in-depth questions and got my whole history - she wanted to know everything, and I could tell she was looking for links between all my symptoms - something no-one else had ever done. She educated me about the link between long-term stress and the effect this was having on my whole being. Through her help and guidance I have changed my diet and now take supplements I was badly lacking in. It turned out I had candida which is an insidious thing impacting all parts of body functioning. She recommended I have thorough blood tests, and I discovered I had low functioning adrenals and thyroid. Tonia not only treated my symptoms, but looked further to find the underlying causes - no doctor has ever done this for me - and then supported each aspect of my health to bring me back into balance and wellbeing. I am eternally grateful for her help, as it has turned my life around, and has enabled me to continue my dream of completing a degree and pursuing my life dreams which I never thought I would be able to accomplish."

We are experts in

bigstock-Young-woman-with-sinus-pressur-65616355 (1).jpg

Any chronic long term pain, anywhere in your body.

  • Injuries and health conditions that are just not getting better no matter what you have tried.

  • Autoimmune conditions.

  • Arthritis and rheumatological conditions. 

  • IBS, digestive and gastrointestinal issues.

  • All allergies.

  • Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia 

  • Food intolerances, sensitivities and allergies.

  • Headaches, Migraines and Sinus issues.

  • Neurological conditions.

  • Depression, anxiety and sleep disorders.

Prices for Premier Osteopathy & Functional Medicine With Tonia

Tonia does in clinic consultations as well as phone consultations (for functional medicine only) as she treats people from all over New Zealand.  If you require an appointment via the phone please call 09 444 3231 as there is more flexibility with times and you can often getting an appointment sooner.


Adult with ACC
Follow Up 30-45 minutes: $65
New Patients 60 minutes: $120

Adults Private
Follow Up 30-45 minutes: $95
New Patient 60 minutes: $180

*Affiliates with ACC
Follow Up 30-45 minutes: $58.50
New Patient 60 minutes: $108

*Affiliates Private
Follow Up 30-45 minutes: $85.50
New Patient 60 minutes: $162

  • 60 minutes for all New Patient.  As every patient is an individual and very complex the practitioner will indicate how long your follow up treatment will be and if you are eligible for ACC.

  • 45 minutes Follow-Up of combined Osteopathy & Functional Medicine

  • 30 minutes for Follow-Up Functional Medicine

  • * Affiliates (10% Off): Children, Students, 65+, NZ Defense Forces

  • ACC offers partial cover for the price of treatment when injury is suffered due to an accident, whether at home, work or on the sports field.


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